Ivens and the Church

A number of the family went into the church.

The Warwickshire family is particularly notable with the Reverend Coleman Ivens (b.1844) who, after a family steeped in farming, decided to become a minister.

Not only that, but all his 4 sons also took the cloth:

  • Reverend Coleman Watson North Ivens (B.1873)
  • Reverend Charles Henry North Ivens (b.1877)
    • Reverend Edmund Masters Ivens (b.1911)
  • Reverend Thomas Leonard Ivens (b.1879)
  • Reverend John Philip (b.1883)

Reverend Coleman Ivens ministered in Lancashire and Yorkshire. Educated at Manchester Grammar School.
Vicar from 1880 until his death in 1912 of Boynton with Carnaby and Fraisthorpe, near Bridlington, Yorks.

Reverend Coleman Watson Ivens: Rector of Whitwood, Normanton, Yorkshire, from 1917. Retired to Dulverton Hall, St Martin’s Square, Scarborough, Yorkshire, and died there 31 May 1960.

Reverend Charles Henry North Ivens: Vicar of Colston Bassett 1912 – 23, Rector of Roughton, Norfolk, 1923 – 29, and of Dalmahoy, Scotland, 1929 – 47. (Chaplain to the Earl and Countess of Morton)

Reverend Thomas Leonard Ivens: Vicar of Bilsby and Farlsthorp 1919 – 25, Rector of Merreden, Western Australia, 1925 – 31, Vicar of Horbling 1931 – 33, Rector of Pickworth with Walcot 1933-41, Cranwell 1941-1944, North Owersby with Thornton-le-Moor, Lincoln, 1944-1964.

Reverend John Philip Ivens: Chaplain of Newstead Abbey and to Newstead Colliery 1908-19, Vicar of Kinoulton, Nottingham, 1919-28, and Rector of Dalmahoy for a few weeks.

Reverend Edmund Masters Ivens: Rector of St Paul, Kinross 1944-52, and of St Anne, Dunbar from 1952.

* * * * *

Michael Howarth Ivens (b.1935), son of Harold Dominic Ivens and Mary Howarth, grandson of Philip Frederick Clifford Ivens (b.1864) and 2nd wife Ellen Harne., and great grandson of Arthur Frederick Ivens. (Don’t worry. it means he is great, great, great grandson of William Ivens of Swinbrook!)

Fr. Ivens

Anyway, as Fr. Michael “…he worked for a long time on a commentary to the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius which draws on his many years as a giver of the Exercises. FR. Ivens has worked at St Buenos’ in North Wales and for a long time was ‘Tertian Instructor’, responsible for giving the Exercises to recently ordained Jesuit priests, and to Brothers. The book itself is a manual to help those who give the Exercises either in the 30 day or 19th Annotation form. Fr. Ivens’ wisdom will be much appreciated. The book ‘Understanding the Spiritual Exercises’ is co-published by Gracewing Publishing and Inigo Enterprises and costs £20″

* * * * *

William Edmunds Ivens (b.1845): Vicar of Brize Norton, Oxon 1878-85, and of St James, Edgbaston, Birmingham from 1885, Hon. Canon of Birmingham Cathedral from 1906.

 * * * * *

Thomas (Tom) Ivens (b.1851): Weslyan Minister, born in Wroxton, Oxfordshire and originally noted as a ‘Farmer’s son’, married Sophia Gertrude and moved to various places including Hedon in Yorkshire, Bromyard in Hereford, Devonport in Devon, Stonehouse in Gloucestershire before succumbing in Wellington in Shropshire leaving £1000 to his wife. He had 4 children.

* * * * *

Dundee Evening Telegraph June 18, 1919

William Ivens of Manitoba - 1919

……The leaders arrested are Mr Bray, an Englishman, a returned soldier, and leader of the soldier strike parades at Parliament Buildings; Alderman Heaps, an Englishman ; Mr Queen, a Scotsman; the Rev. William Ivens, an Englishman, editor of the Labour News, and at first the dictator of the strike; Mr George Armstrong, an English carpenter, and speaker at Park gatherings………

Hull Daily Mail, June 21st, 1919

The Rev William Ivens (Canadian strike leader) has been expelled from the Church by the Manitoba; Methodist Conference, the official reason being that he is unwilling to take a post.          See post: William Ivens of Manitoba (1878-1958)

* * * * *



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