Ivens’ Genealogists

Thanks to the internet, there are many people who are now engaged in researching the Ivens history. Here you can find useful contacts and sources for your research.

Firstly, there are two notable sources  which have given many a student their first steps into this fascinating family:

These two key people were:

  • Dorothy Adkins
    • Born Dorothy Elizabeth HINDER
    • Daughter of ‘Lizzie’ Coleman Ivens
    • Grandaughter of George Coleman Ivens (b.1850) of Priors Marston
    • Niece of Agnes Annie Ivens of Daventry
    • Research into Warwickshire family from Harbury onwards
    • Found source documents
    • Produced her findings in 1965
    • ‘The Ivens Family – Descendants of Martin Ivens of Grandborough 1700-1965’

LINK: Dorothy Adkins Study

  • J F Wilson
    • Husband of Charlotte Ellen Ivens, who emigrated to Canada in 1903
    • Son in Law of John Ivens (b.1826) and Catherine Howe of Marsh Gibbon, Bucks.
    • Gathered family letters and photos
    • Documented those who emigrated to Canada.
    • ‘Genealogy of the Ivens Family 1770-1970’
  • LINK: J F Wilson paper

Both documents have been transcribed as faithfully as possible, using same type face and page-for-page layout, and are now available in WORD format.

As for the rest of us actively researching the family, here is a list with our contact details. Please feel free to email any one of us: (NOTE: I am keen to add any contact details of budding genealogists who choose to be so listed. Just let me know!)

  • David Ivens – david.ivens@wild-duck.co.uk
  • Jan Arnold – aurelia.gemini@talktalk.net
  • Neil Ivens – email available on request

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