A cloud has lifted. A stain has been removed.

Sunday Times logo

Fleet Street’s older hands like to relate that in the early hours of 31 August 1997, a young night editor at the Sunday Times received news that Princess Diana had escaped unharmed from a car smash in Paris. Having dealt with the story, he toddled home and went to sleep. An hour later he was roused by a furious Rupert Murdoch, demanding to know how theSunday Times was planning to break the biggest scoop in the history of royal reporting. The unfortunate hack, Martin Ivens, has now been made acting editor of the paper. So the blemish on his reputation turns out to have been entirely fictional. Either that, or Murdoch is mellowing.

[Source: The Spectator: Steerpike, January 2013]

[Note: Martin Ivens is now Editor of the Sunday Times, and is married to Ann McElvoy – aka Mrs Ivens]


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