Proud Mother of a Premier – Lisbon 1929

Why her Family is Famed Throughout Portugal.

English Training

“I brought my children up in the English way; that, I feel, answers for their success” said Mme Ferraz, the 96 year old mother of General Ferraz, the new Premier of Portugal.


This woman, who has had six sons, two of whom are generals, one an admiral,  and another a retired naval commander, told me today with pride that she is the descendant of two English families. She added:

“My grandfather [sic] was an English trader named Ivens, and my grandmother [sic], whose name was Hickling, also came from an English family. ‘Grandpa’ as I knew him traded in oranges between the Azores and England more than a century ago, finally settling in St Michaels, where I first saw the light of day”

“I have always kept up the English habits, and though I became a Catholic when I married, I still follow the Protestant doctrine.

“You see, I speak Portuguese, but I think English. I educated the children in an English way, and always had English nurses for them. When they are with me I always speak to them in English.”

Despite her 96 years, the mother of a family famous throughout Portugal, is youthful in spirit. She writes with a firm hand, and reads without glasses.

She spends her summers in Cimtra [sic], where she enjoys being driven about in a motorcar.

Her pride at the appointment of her son to the Premiership is the natural pride of a Catharine Prescott Ivensmother.

“I am sure he will do his best for his country” is all she can say.

Evening Standard, July 22nd, 1929

Catherine Prescott Ivens (1836-1933), daughter of William Ivens (1778-1857) [of Swinbrook, Oxon] and Mary Anne Hickling, being William’s 2nd wife, and younger sister of his 1st wife, Elizabeth Flora Hickling.

Curiously this article suggests she thought her parents were her grandparents!



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