Kineton Meadows includes ‘Ivens Close’

To Commemorate 4 local men who had won the Military Cross in WWI, but who had survived the war and therefore not listed on the War Memorial for the dead, a new housing estate called Kineton Meadows, which is located off the Southam Road, Kineton, Warwickshire will name 4 of their roads in their memory.

One such road is ‘Ivens Close’ in memory of Henry Ivens MC. WWI

A small group of residents had already started to investigate the possibility of creating a memorial plaque to commemorate those men who served in the First World War and who survived to return to their families in Kineton.

Resident Graeme Bassett suggested the First World War list might provide the answer.

Thanks to the work of Gill Ashley-Smith, in her book Kineton in the Great War, it was known that about 250 men from the village had fought and 38 had died.

Those who had died are listed on the village war memorial that was unveiled in 1921 and are remembered each year on Remembrance Day, but those who returned had never had a commemoration.

Frederick Gardiner, Arthur Geden, William Hutton and Henry Ivens all received the Military Cross for gallantry during the conflict.

Source: Stratford upon Avon Herald: 20th March, 2016

Before obtaining a copy of the book behind this great idea, I have been searching for Henry Ivens amongst my files. Only one comes to attention: Henry James Ivens (b.1891) in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire [according to birth records], but by the 1901 census was living at Kineton House, Kineton with his parents James Thomas Ivens and Jane.

Also living in Kineton are Henry James’ siblings: Ethel Annie; Albert Percival; Winifred Hilda; Walter Victor; and the gloriously named Mafeking Victoria born in 1900.

In 1901, Henry’s father was Stud Groom to Lord Willoughby de Broke (family name ‘Verney’ of Compton Verney), but in the next census is described as a Publican. Kineton, of course, is very close to Compton Verney House.


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