Was Henry Ivins on ‘The Sea Venture’?

In 1609, The Sea Venture was the flagship of a small contingent of 9 vessels sent to America to support the very early settlement of Jamestown, Virginia.

The fleet was hit by a storm off the Azores, and The Sea Venture was capsized off Bermuda. All 150 on board survived, and spent the next 9 months eeking out a living on the island. They eventually built two ships from the wreckage of The Sea Venture, and continued their journey to Virginia, arriving in May 1610.

This video, found on the Ivins Genealogy Facebook site, has been created by Bill Ivins, and tells the story of his ancestors, who he believes arrived with that fleet. Looking at his other work, he seems to have conducted quite an in depth study of the Sea Venture and the voyage and eventual establishment of Jamestown settlement, Virginia.

It opens up a whole new area of interest.

According to Cathy Godish Ivins, on Ivins Genealogy Facebook page “… I journeyed to Virginia and its amazing library. I perused their plethora of records and publications, and questioned knowledgeable staff. I even read the entire Brockie file which has no reliable sources other than a hand-written story.  This Sea Venture account is unsubstantiated as far as any Ivins aboard or living in Jamestown. I traced our family back to Isaac (married to Sarah Johnson ) and have all vital, census and Quaker records supporting the entire line. I even have the Colonial marriage license of this Isaac! The NJ State Archives is the place to find so many records – even Supreme Court records – on the Ivins family. Beyond Isaac, I have unfortunately not been able to find records of earlier generations…”



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