The Ivens Cup –

The Warwickshire County Bowls Association has an Ivens Cup which has been competed for every year since 1922.

I am told (by a helpful Gareth Willcock, Hon. Sec. of the WCBA) that:

“In 1924 W. Ivens, bowling from a Coventry Bowls Club, became the second President of Warwickshire County Bowls Association.

His immediate predecessor being Dr. D. Wardrop, who served two terms 1922 and 1923. Warwickshire CBA was formed in 1922 so the good doctor was our first President, he donated a cup which was named after himself and thus when W. Ivens became President he also donated a cup, “the Ivens Cup”.”

When I originally looked at this, I found William Ivens (1883-1955), married to Winifred Grace (nee Barrington), and who lived in Coventry. He would have been 41 when he became President of the WCBA, and he served just the one year.

But I now find a more likely candidate. William Ivens (1872-1942), builder and Coventry City Councillor.

Born and died in Hillmorton, aged 70, he was a director of Hallam & Co. builders and contractors. (Registered in 1939 with his brother John Charles as directors).  Former Chairman of Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital Board of Management Committee; director and former Chairman of Coventry Permanent Economic Building Society; and a former Chairman and member of No. 1 Inclosure Coventry Freeman’s Trustees. He was also senior deacon at Warwick Road Congretional Church.

As a councillor from 1922, he became Chairman of the Baths and Parks committee; Vice Chairman of the Public Health Committee; served on the Estates & Parliamentary Committee; and very prominently associated with the work of the General Works Committee.

He retired from the Council in 1929 as his firm (Hallam & Co.) was carrying out work for the Coventry Board of Guardians.

In a newspaper cutting announcing his death, he is referred to as a keen bowler and having created the Trophy bearing his name.

He was married to Alice, and had only the one son, Frank William Ivens (b.1901)

What treasures!


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