Fickle Jute Broker ….


Persuasion fails to break off infatuation

To her husband’s partiality for older ladies, Mrs Agnes May Ivens of Cornwall Road, Stroud Green, London,  attributed the failure of her marriage.

Picture1The ceremony, she stated in the Divorce Court, took place in 1903, and she and her husband, Mr Arthur Ivens, lived in India for a time. They came home in 1914 and later, when Mr Ivens went back to the East he declined to take her with him. The following year he came to England, but did not go to his home, and they only met once – accidentally – in Whitehall. In October,  1921, added Mrs Ivens, she went out to Calcutta where her husband was a jute broker. When she arrived, he was very angry and instead of taking her to his house in Theatre Road, Calcutta put her up at an hotel. As a matter of fact, he was living with another woman in Theatre Road, and although witness tried all she could to get him to give up the other woman, she failed –

A photograph of the husband, for the purpose of identification  was given Mrs Ivens and passed on to Mr Justice Hill, who  asked“Is this a trick photo? There are five pictures of the same person” Counsel: “No way, my Lord, but it was taken in a room of mirrors.” His Lordship: “Well, it is good for identification purposes, at any rate – Evidence taken in Calcutta was read and Mrs Ivens was granted Decree Nisi.

Difficult to track down this family exactly perhaps because they were out of the country at key census times. Their marriage in 1903 was probably in India as well.  However, I have an Agnes Ivens of 27 Cornwall Road, Stroud Green arriving in Plymouth from Calcutta on Jul 8th, 1922 on board The Margha, and is listed as 43 (therefore b.1879). This must have been her returning from the unhappy discovery in Theatre Road.

After the divorce, I presume she dumped the ‘Ivens’ name and reverted to her maiden name.

Curiously, I can find no trace of Arthur’s arrivals (1914 or 1915) – perhaps he had his own way of travelling other than by passenger liner.


One response to “Fickle Jute Broker ….

  1. I think Fickle Jute broker is a great headline and illustrates that the redtops did not arrive from nowhere! A great tongue twister and the ensuing blog makes a fascinating read!


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