Curious Entries in Parish Records

When researching a family, Parish Records not only provide the information about the main life events – baptism, marriage and burial – but can also reveal other interesting snippets of information.This post is to record some of the more intriguing entries, though not always concerning a member of the Ivens clan:

Lighthorne Parish Record – 1775-1812

“The vaults belonging to the Verney family is under the Chancel and the way down to it is under the flagstones on the top of the middle aisle. [Inserted later: Since changed to north side of Chancel in the churchyard and since a staircase has been made from adjoining vestry.] The bodies deposited there are as follows:

“Francis Peto Verney son of Lord Willoughby de Broke died 18th July aged 2 months 1772

“Francis Verney died 3rd Dec aged 18 months 1778

“The body of a still born son of the Rev’d Rbt. Barnard and Louisa his wife – 14th July 1796

“The way into the family vault being found incon(venient) it was altered and put on the outside under the north wall of the chancel in the year 1798

“April 12th 1798 The Right Honourable Louisa Lady Willoughby de Broke in the 61st year of her age, died in London the 2nd instant.

“At the same time the bodies of six of her children were moved from a vault under Audley chapel and put into this vault viz:

“Sarah Verney aged 7 months died Dec ’67

“Louisa Verney aged 4 years died April ’68

“Mary Verney aged 8 months died March ’72

“Geo. Peglo Verney aged 10 years died June ’73

“Wm. Verney aged 9 years died Sept ’83

“Henrietta Verney aged 6 years died Feb ’84

The page continues with a list of six children of Rev’d Robert Barnard who were either still born, or died very young, who were also placed in the vault between 1798 and 1811

“The last internment in the Family Vault of the Verney family was that of Georgina Jane, Lady Willoughby de Broke, widow of John Robert Verney, Lord Willoughby de Broke, 16th Baron above mentioned.

“The vault was then finally closed.”

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Oddington Parish Record 1706-1812

“Memorandum upon the 21st day of June 1724, John Day and Jonathan Bold, both of this Parish, Agreed for themselves, their Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Assigns, not to disturb Each Other, nor to go to Law, about a Pew Opposite the North door of the Parish Church of Oddington; Which Pew has been divided, in the manner following, two thirds of the aforesaid Pew to John Day, and one third to Jonathan Bold”

Duly signed and witnessed

@ @ @ @ @

Oddington Parish Record 1706-1812

Population of Oddington in 1801

Males – 211; Females – 210; Total – 421

Poors rate 548 – 6s 6d in the pound

The bridge between the parishes of Oddington and Adlestrop, commonly called – Adlestrop Bridge, was built in the year 1757 under the care and management of the Rev’d Wm. Geo. Upton, curate of Oddington who collected the money for defraying the charges from the neighbouring gentlemen and his acquaintances, and likewise added the causeway in this parish leading thereunto”

Population of Oddington taken

27th May 1811

Males – 195; Females – 217; Total – 412

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Oddington Parish Record 1706-1812

“Mem: By an Act of Parliament passed in the 23rd year of GEORGE the Third King of G. Britain & C – A New Duty of threepence each is to be paid for the Entering any Baptism, Burial or Marriage – under the penalty of 5£ for each entry without a stamp of 3d unless the person so entering them shall have a Licence for so doing for the purpose. I Simon Paget, Curate, have this ninth day of October 1783 legally qualified myself – at Mr. Rich. Charles’s at Stow.”

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Oddington Parish Record 1706-1812


“Thomas Clifford, (killed by the fall of a waggon at the corner of the Parsonage – Garden walk) buried May 5th 1754

“Rebecca Tinson, buried 1st July 1766, (aged 72 she hanged herself June 29th. Coroner’s Inquest. Lunacy)

“Ann Edgington, supposed to have been murdered by her Father in Law, John Taylor of Oddington, who was committed to Glos. Gaol, but died before his trial. November 28th, 1799.

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Quenington, Gloucestershire Parish Records: 1653-1751

“Henry Smart was buried on the 6th Day of December, 1675 a fatal year for colds throughout England”

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Long Buckby, Northants Burials Register 1813-1869

Edith Freeman who from an obstinate temper kept to her bed 44 years. 21st January 1814 aged 74 years

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Saintbury, Gloucestershire Parish Records – 1875

“The three boys whose burials are numbered 176, 177 and 178 (George Ernest Smith aged 4yrs; Hubert Smith aged 3yrs; Edward Smith aged 1yr) all died from Scarlet Fever brought into Saintbury by their grandmother who had been with a fever patient in another parish. Christian Drury, (aged 42yrs) also took ill and died, No. 179, from the aforesaid grandmother”


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Swinbrook Parish Records – Burials 1662 – 1812

June 2nd 1806:

Richard Gorges [sic] Fettiplace Esq. of Southlawn Lodge in the Forest of Whichwood. Aged 48.

N.B. The ancient family of the Fettiplaces who lived in this parish for more than 300 years in the male line became extinct by his Death for want of issue – His Estates he divided to his four sisters.



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