Gladys Ivens – 1939 survey

In 1939, at 206 Gosbrook Road, Reading lived Gladys Ivens married to William Ivens. They were married in 1928, in Reading. William was born in 1909, the son of Stephen and Martha Ellen (Nee Tilling), in Caversham near Reading and worked as a carpenter.

Stephen (William’s father) was also born in Caversham – in 1878 and had married Martha Ellen around 1900 and between them had 10 children including William. Stephen was a builder like his dad  Alfred, who was a bricklayer, and also born in Caversham in 1847.

Alfred’s father was another Stephen who again had been born in Caversham and who had married Sarah. This Stephen was also a bricklayer.

So, Gladys (nee Whiteway) had married into a family with at least 4 generations in the building trade in Caversham near Reading.

However, also in 1939, at 7 Banbury Gardens, Reading lived Maurice Ivens, born in 1905 married to another Gladys – Dorothy Gladys (Nee May). It comes as no surprise that Maurice and William were, in fact brothers, and I guess it is not surprising that they were married in the same year – 1928, even though there was 4 years difference in their ages.

And I suppose, given the period, it is not surprising that their wives were both called Gladys.

But don’t you think it odd that the two wives were both born in 1906?

Not only that, but both in October 1906.

And even more odd that both record a birthday of: 12th October, 1906.


One response to “Gladys Ivens – 1939 survey

  1. After more than 40 years researching my family nothing surprises me. But I do shake my head and wonder sometimes if they are looking down on me and having a good laugh.


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