British Columbia Pioneer Medallions

Thanks to one of the regular Ivens genealogists, Faye Cassia, we are delighted to learn of the Application for an award of a Pioneer Medallion to her grandmother, Catherine Sophia Ruckle, daughter of Charles Howe Ivens and Julie Webb.

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Catherine Sophia was born on 12th October 1886, in Virden, Manitoba, and moved to Salmon Arm, B.C. on 15th May 1909 thereby qualifying under the rules: “To qualify, a person needed to have been born or living in Canada prior to Januray 1st, 1897”.


Her father, Charles Howe Ivens, arrived in Virden, Manitoba from Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire, in 1882 and her future mother, Julie Webb, arrived a year later. They married in 1884. Julie Ivens was to die in 1897.

Uncle Charles Howe Ivens

Charles Howe Ivens

2007-04-17 10.40.58

Catherine Sophia Ivens application for Pioneer Medallion 1971

Documents compiled by almost 10,000 pioneer British Columbians have been digitized, indexed and placed online.

The records are the application forms for Pioneer Medallions, awarded to people in 1971 to mark the 100th anniversary of British Columbia into Confederation. The B.C. Archives and the Royal B.C. Museum have collected, copied and digitized 9,705 of the applications for the medallion. Those forms are expected to form a rich resource for genealogists and historians.


To gain access to the Pioneer Medallion application forms, go to:

See more at:

See additional Post on Ivens of Virden, Manitoba

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