The Many Ivens’ Family Trees…….

I am aware that nothing new has been posted for a while, but this is not because of a lack of stories.

Instead, I have been absorbed by attempting to reduce the 3000 individuals born as Ivens (or Ivins, Ivings, Ivin, or any other version other than Evans) which inhabit my database, into a smaller number of trees – tracing them back to their earliest representative, which is usually around the latter half of the 18th century, and sometimes earlier.

The object being to eventually try and link these trees.

This exercise throws up some helpful anomalies which help link one family to another, even though one might not know the parents or their history – and that can sometimes take time to sort out.

And in so doing I necessarily revisit the web resources only to find that new data is now available which wasn’t there when I first looked some years ago. For example, I can now see the Swinbrook (Oxfordshire) Parish records showing my ancestors Robard Eyvens in 1718 baptising their first child. I also note a much larger family in and around Somerset than I had originally only glimpsed at from an occasional mention.

It makes me realise that people are making these records more available online all the time, and I would urge fellow genealogists to sometimes revisit earlier (perhaps failed) attempts.

When done, I will publish a list of those core families in the hope that others may have more information from their own family archives, in order to link them.

By no means complete, here is a starter list so far (in date order) at August 2017:-

  • Richardi Iven (b.1566) – Harbury, Warks
  • Harry Ivans (b.1592) of Stepney, London
  • Robard Ivens (b.1695) of Swinbrook, Oxon
  • Richard Ivens (c.1710) of Salford Priors, Warks
  • Robert (d.1727) of Saintbury, Gloucs
  • Edward Ivens (b.1735) of Churchover, Warks
  • William Ivens (b. circa 1740) of Stow on the Wold, Gloucs
  • John Ivin (d.1750) of Quenington, Gloucs
  • John Ivings (c.1755) of Dean, Oxfordshire
  • Thomas Ivins (c.1755) of Morton Morrell, Warks
  • John Ivens (c.1760) of Butlers Marston, Warks
  • Edward Ivins (b.1761) of Broad Camden, Gloucs
  • William (c.1770) of Newbold Pacey, Warks
  • Joseph Ivens (c.1785) of Bletchley, Buckinghamshire
  • Thomas (b.1785) of Woolaston, Gloucs
  • William Ivens (c. 1790) of Harborough Magna
  • John Ivens (b.1791) of Butlers Marston, Warks
  • John Ivins (b.1791) of Tidenham, Gloucs
  • Thomas Ivens (b.1792) of Budbrooke, Warks
  • Edmund Ivens (b.1796) of Ashorne, Warks
  • James Ivens (b.1800) of Souldern, Oxon
  • William Ivins (c.1805) of Richmond, Surrey
  • Isaac Ivin (b.1809) of Fairford, Gloucs
  • Joseph Ivins (b.1809) of Oddington, Gloucs
  • Stephen Ivens (b.1810) of Reading, Berkshire
  • Thomas Ivins (b.1810) of Winchcombe, Gloucs
  • Edward Ivens (b.1811) of Batsford, Gloucs
  • Abraham (b.1812) of Bow, London
  • Robert Ivens (b.1812) of Penmark, Glam
  • James William Ivens (b.1814) of Kings Norton, Warks
  • William (b.1816) of Broad Hinton, Wilts
  • Henry Ivin (b.1817) of Alstone, Warks
  • John Ivins (b.1817) of Penmark, Glamorgan
  • Richard Ivins (b.1819) of Warmington, Warks
  • Edward Ivens (b.1831) of Olds, Leics
  • Stephen Ivens (b.1842) of Llanharan, Glam
  • William Ivens (c.1870) of Strood, Kent

The two entries above for Penmark, Glamorgan are clearly brothers – but I can’t be sure, and I can’t be sure who their father might have been.

In many of the other cases, I might know from a wedding certificate or baptism entry that the groom’s or baby’s father was ‘Thomas’, but I have no idea which of the many Thomas’ he might be, or even if he spelt his name in quite the same way.

On one such exploration, the record showed a wedding of a William Ivin, but it showed four possible brides and three other possible grooms. On checking each of the Groom’s names in the following census record 3 years later and again 13 years later, NONE had a bride with any of the first names so listed. Nor was there a mention of any of the bride’s first names listed as ‘Ivin’ or any variation. Furthermore, when looking for the brides in the census 7 years earlier, the sometimes useful suggested links provided by ancestry failed to produce any plausible solutions.

Hence the absence of posts in recent weeks!


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