Francis John Ivens (1868-1954)

I’d been away from my researches for too long, and as a way back in I went exploring the newspaper archives.

I came across this small article about one F. J. Ivens in The Liverpool Echo, September 12th, 1936.

It’s entitled ‘Sports Man’ and is followed by a cartoon and a small article. The article reads:

F J Ivens

“Although Mr. Ivens lived in Spain as a boy, and never had much opportunity of playing football, his enthusiasm for the game has made him to-day, one of the keenest and ablest supporters of both Everton and Liverpool.

He is a shareholder of both clubs, and has seldom missed a game at either ground for the last 40 years. The first game he ever saw was Liverpool v The Corinthians. The most exciting, Liverpool v Sunderland, when Sunderland leading 1-0 two minutes from time, were beaten 2-1 when the final whistle blew. The most tragic team, Stoke, who lost 7-1 when the whole team was ill, and only seven men finished out the game.

Mr. Ivens is a familiar figure in the wholesale fruit trade, and a linguist to boot, speaking Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. He well remembers the game in Portugal, when the referee was escorted off at half-time by soldiers with fixed bayonets. “He would not return” said Mr. Ivens, “so a new referee came on for the second half and lasted the game out – but only just.”

Our local clubs are fortunate in gaining the support of such men as Mr. Ivens, whose supporting outlook is broad enough to forget ardent partisanship, and always remembers that “the game’s the thing” after all.”

F J Ivens is, of course, Francis John (Frank) Ivens (1868-1954). He was the son of Arthur Frederick Ivens (1838-1908) and Georgina Phillips DART and therefore a direct descendant of William Ivens and the Ivens’ of Swinbrook, Oxfordshire.

Frank Ivens Chronicle page 1Frank Ivens provided one of the many sources of family history in his handwritten Chronicle. A series of recollections about his family which shone light into how the family was perceived.

He married Alice WHITING, who sadly died in 1915, and together they had 4 children: Francis Raymond (b.1891); Bertram (b. 1892 but died young); Constance (b.1896); and Kathleen (b.1897).

Neither of the two girls married so this branch of the family lived on only with the children of Francis Raymond.

F J Ivens lived at 13 Beaconsfield Road, Seaforth.

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