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Many people only have a small window into their family history. If you are trying to find out about your family, and have only limited information, drop me a line and we’ll see if we can help.

Over the years, I have built a database of over 6200 individuals who carry the Ivens name.(and all the other spellings). Mainly in the UK but also those families who emigrated to Canada, Australia, USA and The Azores and Portugal.

The more information the better. Dates, ages locations, and associated family names such as siblings, nephews and uncles can all help pin down an individual.

Drop me a line. I’d be happy to hear from you.                                                         David Ivens

8 responses to “Ask a question …

  1. Mary Pym gave me permission to quote from Dora’s Patchwork memoir in an article which I wd now like to include in a collection of my articles, to be published by OUP. I visited Mary but don’t now have her address, nor do I know if she’s alive. Can you tell me how I can gain a renewed permission, please?

    Thanks, Chris Stray


    • Hi Chris,
      How very interesting that you are looking into the memoirs of Mary Pym. I’m afraid I have no knowledge of the whereabouts of her descendants as my interest is in the family history of the various Ivens families. Dora, originally being an ‘Ivens’.
      I suspect your interest is in her work on teaching methods, whereas my interest is in her memories of her youth in and around Harborough Magna, Warwickshire.
      I’d love to be able to help you, but am unable to do so. My records stop with Michael Tom Pym and Christopher Pym, both of whom are deceased.
      I, too, would like to quote from her memoirs, but have neither permission or access.
      So sorry!
      If I can help in any other way, I’d be happy to try.
      David Ivens


  2. A picture from Time Magazine taken on March 4, 1971.
    Margaret Sinclair and her family on her wedding day 1971
    The caption was the on the other page of the article. Click to see full article.

    “The bride’s family: from the left, Sisters Janet, 25, Rosalind, 23; Grandmother Mrs. Rose Bernard; Mr. and Mrs. James Sinclair; Sister Betsy, 18; Sister Heather Walker, 28, wither her 17-month-old daughter, Katie; and Margaret’s brother-in-law Tom Walker.”

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  3. Record states Charles John Ivens died from wounds [shrapnel in the back] at No. 44 Casualty Clearing Station which at that time was located at Nine Elms.
    No. 44 Casualty Clearing Station pictured here:
    Also the Prime Minister of Canada’s great-grandmother’s 1971 “Pioneer Medallion” application.


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